66% of LTE phones in South Korea are Samsung, thanx to Galaxy Note

Galaxy Npte Infographic

Samsung has already shipped 0ne million Galaxy Note phones globally and in the local market of South Korea they have sold 700,000 Galaxy Note Devices. This is the phone that reviews and analysts havent yet fixed a category to since its larger than all smartphones and smaller than usual tablets at 5.3 inches. Apparently the device is winning because of the Stylus Pen selling point that gives it the notes taking edge. See a recent survey of readiness of mobile phone users to write on a smartphone. Study was carried on 5000 smartphone users in 10 countries and was conducted online by Snap Surveys, a member of the UK Market Research Society (MRS), theAmerican Marketing Association (AMA), and the Marketing Research Association (MRA), in partnership with panel providers in international markets.
Galaxy Npte Infographic
The Galaxy Note is expected to Launch in the US very soon and in Kenya its launching this month. The US launch is excpected to trigger the rise of numbers of unit sales.


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