Android 6.0 gets a Name: Key Lime Pie

Android 6 Key Lime Pie

Android 6 Key Lime PieAndroid Jelly Bean (JB) has not been released yet, but is scheduled to be out in the third quarter, before the Christmas season. Now just before that is out, word on the blog is out that the next Android version, that’s Android 6.0 will be named Android Key Lime Pie. And the trend continues.

Google wants you to feel sweet about their operating system, which has now been known to be named after dessert in alphabetic order. The release time is not fixed, but a 2013 release is more than feasible. Chances are that is will be released on Motorola after Google made the move to acquire the mobile handsets maker. This would be based on the assumption that Google would give priority in-house, a spot that was reserved for Samsung with the Nexus device.