Samsung planning to make their camera smart

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy CameraEither the 41 inch Nokia 808 camera-phone inspired lots or Samsung just feels innovative. Samsung previously filed for a Trademark for “Galaxy Camera”. They have since confirmed-in not so many words, plans to develop an Android based digital camera. Something like the Polaroid Smart Camera unveiled earlier on at CES. Galaxy has been a name associated with success with Samsung and they seem to be tagging onto that everywhere they go, from the cheapest Galaxy mini to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S II and most recently the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung is making inroads to the hearts of consumers.

Samsung is said to be considering developing  an Android based camera for the simple fact that their smartphone is Android based. Not surprising a move as we have seen Samsung trying to achieve smart devices standards for all their devices including home appliances like fridges and TVs. What would be surprising is running these smart devices on Android after the hint that Samsung is hard at work making their Bada-Tizen OS fluid for use in most of their smart devices. But the OS of choice is just a consideration, not a fact, things could change, remember there was speculation that Samsung Galaxy S III would be a Bada/Tizen device. We can only wait to see outcomes, as Galaxy S III is reportedly already in production, wont be long before we get more tangible info on the specs.

As for the smart camera, this would add value as you would find sharing, access to internet and storage within the camera revolutionalized. The camera would leverage the power of the internet with (my assumption) Wi-Fi access as an option hence access to editing apps, sharing and even cloud storage. What Nokia showed with the 41mp camera is that things can be overhauled. The phone becomes the main thing and a high quality camera as an add-on. An android camera would be a definite way of hitting back at Nokia 808.


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