Angry Birds Space finally here

Angry Birds Space available

Angry Birds Space availableRovio had announced that Angry Birds Space will be available as from March 22. Well, the day is finally here, and I have played several levels. You see, I always see the reviews on an app before downloading, so if you use an app please remember to review it. šŸ™‚ Angry Birds Space is an overhaul of how the game used to be. These things happen to remain relevant, time had come. The game now promises a new experience of brand new birds and space pigs, new capabilities for the birds, zero gravity adventure, 60 levels, trick shots using planet gravity and many more features.

Sky is no-longer the limit, goes the tag-line.

The game is free on Google play(you pay for that with the ads that keep popping when you are connected to data), but is a paid app on Apple store for theĀ iPhone/iPod Touch versionĀ asking $0.99, theĀ iPad HD versionĀ selling for $2.99 and theĀ Mac versionĀ at $4.99.


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