Samsung Galaxy S III getting iphone-like treatment

Samsung Galaxy S III GT 19300 Leak

Samsung Galaxy S III GT 19300 LeakSamsung Galaxy S III has been receiving an iPhone-like treatment. A positive thing for Samsung. From leaks to pre-orders on a device that just recently went to production, to rumours and counter rumours. First Galaxy S III rumours were indicating a MWC announcement, a thing that was disputed by Samsung in a press release. Rumours went on indicating that the device was going to be announced at a Samsung Event in April. There was a denial about that too but Samsung has come out to confirm that actually the device is already in production and will actually be unveiled in the 19th of April at a Samsung Event. This is a positive as it will ensure the gap between announcing and availing of the device in the market is small. People get bored waiting!

So these rumours were accompanied by image leaks like this one below:Samsung Galaxy S 3 leak
This image appeared earlier than the one on top there, the latter which is a most recent shoot which shows a camera shot of an actual smartphone. Whether that is true remains to be confirmed. The second image was said to be a fake but the closest there is to the final design. That was said to blogger and industry insider Eldar Mutarzin.
Samsung Galaxy S III specs have been said to be 4.7 inch super AMOLED Capacitive screen with 16M colours, 720×1280 pixels, Corning Gorilla Glass, TouchWiz UIv4.0(although there has been rumours pointing to the ability of this being an option between TouchWiz and stock Android 4.0 skin), 131.3×63.7x8mm dimensions and a weight of 126grams. The device is also said to come with LTE support, powered by the Exynos 1.5GHz quad core processor. Camera is a 12MP AF and LED flash. Storage is an option of 16/32GB with microSD support of 32, and a 1GB RAM, others are tiny details.

The most recent leaked image at the top indicates that it could support S pen use as there is the S memo app installed. Initially rumours indicated of a 4.8″ device but that has since gone down to 4.7″.