Intel launches UltraBook for the Kenyan Market

Intel Ultrabook

Intel Ultrabook
The need for a lighter PC has been there leading to innovations like mobile computing on smartphones ant tablets. But that’s not enough to satisfy the heavy user who would need fast typing on a small form factor. Enter the Intel Ultrabook and you have the center-ground. Ultrabooks were a groundbreaking invention globally and came in to offer light, durable and powerfuly computing machine without compromising alot for the end-user.
Ultrabooks are currently the world’s thinnest and lightest laptops, and Intel launched 6 models of the Ultrabook last night for the Kenyan market. These laptops will retail from Kshs 60,000-90,000.

“Ultrabook devices represent the next step in the evolution of the PC. There is a hunger for a device that can act like a tablet, but that allows for a full computing experience – this is exactly what Ultrabook
devices deliver” says Danie Steyn, Intel East Africa General Manager.

Ultrabook components have been redesigned to fit the slim design. Above and beyond this, there are some nifty features added onto them like Intel® Rapid Start Technology which pro which is an extra capability that enhances your computer’s battery life. The IRST enables Ultrabooks toresume fast from sleep mode plus consuming very minimal power. Intel Smart Connect Technology is a feature that makes email, apps and social networks get continually updated even when the system is asleep. Intel Antitheft Technology assists to lock down a laptop incase of theft or loss while Intel Identity Protection Technology protects users from identity theft when online.


  1. Half backed post….What are its specifications eg type and family of processor, does it use ssd or sata, memory type, supported os, battery life, techinal support etc

    • Thanx for noticing @89c5d9fae6005d0dc91589092b2c092d:disqus that should be something worth including in this article, will do a followup, but I have been busy covering a conference to create time for that. Thanx again.

    • Redington is distributing, but should also be available in many other outlets like Officemart, possibly Avenue electronics. But I should get you correct info in not long. Sent from my Galaxy Note

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