The contention that is the Google+ white space

Google plus whitespace

Google plus whitespaceIt is my wish that as I write this you already have your Google+ redesign with you, otherwise you will feel so left out. I an one of those guys still stuck with the Classic gmail, but welcome the new google plus redesign. Makes the social network look so fresh. The features that I will miss on Facebook once April 17th reaches(the date when they make the facebook timeline permanent for all) I got them all here, all that is left is getting more friends on circles and it will be business as usual.

Now, back to the subject that is Google+ white space. There has been a conversation going on on Google+ since redesign about the wasted space, mostly on the right lower side, just under the trending box. Many have come to conclusions that it will be used for advertising. A claim that Vic Gundotra, a Google+ rep has come to deny in a hangout.

“White space on widescreens is NOT for advertisement!!

Google has plans for that, but is not giving any details yet!”

added a rejoinder…

“Yeah, I think we need more #blackspace :-)”

That is the message you are meant to chew on. Now that cleared, we have had some very nice conversations going on a light note at this hash tag #whitespace. Here are some bits I picked:

Google Acquires WhiteSpace For $120M

In a surprise move perhaps intended to counter Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, Google has purchased a little known app company,WhiteSpace, which cleverly adds large, random pockets of white space to any interface. 

When asked why WhiteSpace posed an interest, David Lawee, Head of Google’s Business Development team responded:

There are synergies here, the scale of which we don’t yet fully understand. The color white, to Google, is like air. WhiteSpace is like air in outer space and everyone agrees it would be cool if there was more air in outer space. It is equally as cool to have more white in our space.

Lawee refused to speculate as to whether WhiteSpace would be added to their new Google Glasses interface.

This by  Jonathan Chalker

More fun is actually in the images, see gallery below: Have to admit its something worth engaging.