Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012, time to develop for Galaxy Note

Samsung Smart App Challenge

Samsung Smart App ChallengeIf there is a time that is right to be a mobile apps developer, its now. Well that should not make mobile web developers feel left out, you are part of the team to share the $4.08 loot. Well, sorry for bringing it out like one should develop for the prize, though it’s always welcome. Gives you alot of leverage, free marketing and focus. Now Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012 is on, starting May, and it is Global.

The contest will be to reward Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab developers. There will be 80 winners sharing the $4.08 million cash prize including marketing support. So if you are an android developer, here’s your chance to get visible, plus some cash boost to your armoury. Samsung says this is the largest ever mobile apps contest in history, calling it the attention grabber for mobile developers worldwide. Keep your eyes open for more info on this as it comes.

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