What we could see next on a Samsung Windows Galaxy tablet

Samsung Galaxy One

Samsung Galaxy OneWhile we ride on the wave that is the Samsung Galaxy S III, announced early in the month, a duo by the names Laura and Charles were upto some good. Creating better dreams for the tablet. They conceptualized what a future Samsung Tablet would look like on Windows 8, and you bet these guys had a vision.

The concept was based on a 10.1 inch model that had a projector on the top end and this, if made real, could be tilted via a button next to the projector to control the direction the projection faced. Then you could get the option to use a full keyboard spread over the tablet, compelete with Qwerty, Azerty, Lorean, Japanese, Chinese and other languages.
Most people say they use tablets when going for conferences and doing presentations. Samsung recently released a Samsung Galaxy Beam which has a projector inbuilt, so a dream of having a 10 inch tablet that can project what you had on the tab for a presentation would not be far fetched. It would also be an awesome plan.Samsung Galaxy One

Well, this is only a concept I would love to see made real, not only on a Windows tablet but on the Android ones too, it would revolutionize the tablet, with huge power over the laptop and Ultrabooks. Ofcourse this would mean a bigger battery would be required, but it would be worth all the while, what do you think?



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