28 countries getting Samsung Galaxy S III in the shops today


This should have just happened on the 28th instead, or they add another country for first availability. But hey! Who is complaining? 28 countries meams the woorld wont have to wait till the UK has had their fill of the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung says that today the device will be available not only in the UK as expected but in 27 other countries spread out in Eutope, Middle East and Africa. Specific countries named are France, UAE, Saudi Arabia and UK, I like the fact that there is the mention of Africa, could this mean that my country, Kenya will be on the receiving end too? Cant wait!

The next lot will be available in 145 countries on 296 operators in the month of July, unlike previously with the Galaxy S where launch was in 112 countries on 175 carriers and Galaxy S II in 135 countries on 210 operators. These guys must have been hard at work, clearly. Galaxy S III World Tour by Samsung will kick off on May 31st in 9 cities around the World.

There was word of inavailability of the pebble blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S III from the blogs, but we will have to wait on word from the horse’s mouth as confirmation. But the elegance of the new device wouldnt allow that to be noticed, even the white one is pretty much welcome in the hands of users.