Samsung Apps mobile interface revamped and made to paid store

New Samsung Apps Store mobile

Samsung Apps has got a new update that gives the app store on mobile a huge upgrade to the look and feel. The new version is v2.7.032 and users are getting usual notifications to upgrade to the new version, I saw this last night. The new version has a very cool new feel to the user interface and applications browsing.New Samsung Apps Store mobile

The splash page on loading has a bright screen with the apps icons as opposed to the previous dark interface. The application screens have the same feel, with a bigger top having banners of featured applications that you can scroll through. Just below it is the hot applications section and then a smaller bottom consisting of top and new applications quite a mouthful of features.

The screen looks even better when viewed on landscape.Samsung Apps mobile

Something I haven’t mentioned as at now is the fact that Samsung Apps upgrade also made it a paid store. Remember previously developers could only push downloads of apps, they can now sell, and in localized currencies. As you can see in the image here, the prices are in Kenya Shillings. Kingori, HHP, Digital Content and Solutions Specialist at Samsung- East & Central Africa recently told me that they have noted that most of the local apps installed on Samsung Android phones have been downloaded from Samsung Apps store. His assumption to this was that the application store is leaner compared to Google Play and also that Samsung has moved towards making  most of these apps featured in the regions where the developers come from. Like loading the apps store while in Kenya will show several featured apps like Mfarm, MedAfrica and several others.

Samsung has also been pushing developers to get their apps on Samsung Apps store where they can assist them in discoverability of the apps hence boosting the successes of the apps and their developers.


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