Angry Birds Seasons goes free for one week on Apple Store

Angry Birds Seasons Free iPhone

Angry Birds Seasons Free iPhoneIf you are still excited about Angry Birds, and havent got the Seasons version on your iPhone or iPad, go get it now. It is now free for the last eight hours as announced by Rovio. This is a Summer offer that runs one week and users of iPhone wil get Angry Birds Seasons free, iPad users will also get Angry Birds Seasons HD free. This is just like a notifier, so go ahead and download. Cheap-thrills.

I am not an iPhone user, so would love to know from you users whether there is an app that you can use to backup the installation files of downloaded apps to microSD (sorry there is no word like that in Apple world, in this case just mass storage), for future installation, just in-case you don’t really need it now? Oh! And I wouldn’t mind knowing if this actually works for all regions.