1. These guys are nincompoops. Are they really focused on provision of service and customer satisfaction? Which business owner talks like that? I think Zuku is going down for real. When you see employees resigning in large numbers from a company, things are not right. After aggressive marketing to sell their services to customers, Zuku salespeople resigned and joined other firms citing bad management. I have evidence on this one. So, let them come for their equipment from me too. Kindly do a post on available options even if they are expensive. I have to switch. 

  2. Maybe its just me but I haven’t had a problem with zuku after close to one year of use. Customer service has always been prompt and the service has been as expected. Naturally I am not too pleased about the rise in charges but it is not exactly day light robbery.
    As for that tweet posted in the link above, that Salim guy was rude and abusive. He does deserve that rude reply.

  3. I understand that the equipments from zuku are free of charge till you terminate.They also buy the bandwidth allocated to various Nodes in the connected areas.I think that’s possibly why they charge the reconnection fee if you’ve been disconnected to ensure that they don’t go at a  loss.My take.

  4. I really think Zuku are putting their customers in mind when they have such offer. Personally I was paying around 5k per month and with the new offer, I pay 4k , get more channels and faster internet speeds. 
    Zuku have paid for the bandwith and has given me the equipment to use for free. They have reserved the bandwith for me which could be serving another customer and the equipment used by another customer. so if I don’t pay, what happens to the reservation that zuku has placed for me? The bandwith and the equipment and the staff who are still being paid and other cost incurred to ensure I get the service? They should even charge a higher re-connection fee. 
    So we should stop being selfish and appreciate what suku is offering. 
    Martin, what other ISP in Kenya would provide you with unlimited internet for 2k per month and it’s 4 mbps?

  5. Reconnection fee is plain theft. What does it take to reconnect a client? It’s not like Zuku technicians will physically come to your premises to reconnect.There was more on the email that was just outrageous 1. For Basic / R1 package (1Mbps), you no longer get a wireless router, so NO WIFI  2. They have totally discontinued 4Mbps package  3. If you have more than 1 TV, you now have to pay EXTRA Kshs 999, per month  4. Installation and Relocation charges have gone up considerably. Relocation fee was 2,000. It is now 4,000

  6. To be honest, the 10% is not much for the services they provided. There will always be resistance when the prices go up. Same happened with DSTV…and customers complained about the pricing but guys are still subscribing to the services. This is just a phase that everyone will forget about and business will continue as usual. I find the services unique. if you were to take up dstv then safcom …we are all sure you will eventually drop one of the services due to costs

  7. All factors considered in your message above, i believe you
    everyone even the aggrieved should be truthful in what they write. Blah has
    brought very valid points however to add to your message above, you should have
    read the whole twitter page of Zuku before picking out what suits you and
    leaving out the the rest.

    The comment: “kindly provide us with your account number to enable our
    field support team retrieve the equipment”  was a response to a
    client who said he had been waiting for 5 months for Zuku to collect their
    equipment and had nothing to do with the recent proce changes!!

    Dave also right when he says the Salim guy was an a** however, the response
    about the loss of the client was fully within reason, let’s face it, there will
    be some collateral damage here but all in all the show will go on for Zuku as
    their content is unrivaled. Ps. Who never has never had typo errors before….
    i say Kudos to *AS for handling all these babies yesterday!

    • The fact that you have used three names, others being Blah and Patel to try and tell us a story about Zuku, does really shows that Zuku cares afterall.

      Now going ahead to congratulate yourself or your colleague does show you are too passionate about it, huh?

  8. Why do people keep complaining as if there aro no other ISPs in the market. . You are not held captive by Zuku, its a free market, there is access, orange, safcom kdn, jtl and many others.  Problem is that most of the complainers cant afford the rates offered by other isps. 

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