Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultrabook giveaway

Samsung Series 5 530U ultrabook

We are giving away one quite hot piece of technology. A Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultrabook, thanks to our friends over at Intel Kenya. Intel Ultrabooks have come to shape the world of computing in bringing new varsatility, reliability, portability and amazing computing power on an ultralight device. Versatile in that the ultrabook is one device you can use for business, leisure, entertainment and leave some bit for your imagination.

The Samsung Ultrabook runs Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel core i5-2467M Processor with a CPU clock speed of 1.6GHz and a CPU Cache of 3MB L3, the graphics chip is an Intel HD Graphics 3000, 4GB RAM, DDR3, 500GB Sata Hard drive, dimensions are 13.1″ x 9.0″ x 0.82″ and the Li-Ion battery is an 9 cell. The design is quite sleek with the Island keyboard and the weight is a mere 1.39kgs.

So what makes Ultrabooks tick?

Ultrabooks are made to be thin, and the fact that they are thin does not compromise productivity in the device. Booting on an Ultrabook happens within a flash, the Samsung Ultrabook can go from a very deep slumber to full keyboard activity within  20 seconds, waking up from sleep mode is even faster at 2 seconds. Means you can be working as soon as you settle on your desk. This is enabled by the SSD storage whose read/write is quite fast compared to conventional hard drives. Intel Anti-Theft (Intel AT) technology is a hardware-based technology that makes  it possible to lock down an Ultrabook if it’s lost or stolen and helps secure  sensitive information stored on the devices hard drive. If recovered, it can be quickly reactivated to full functionality. Ultrabook systems come enabled with Intel® Identify Protection technology to  provide a more secure online experience for activities such as shopping, banking  or gaming online. It uses chip-level authentication similar to hardware tokens and  is widely regarded by security experts as a more secure approach than software only authentication.

And now, the giveaway!

All stories should have a happy ending, and this is it. You can get this Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultrabook by doing this:

Just go ahead and log in to the raffle application, using either your facebook or just simple name and email feeding for login and do the tasks that we have listed for you to do. You can do any or all, but the comment is mandatory.Each task earns you a certain amount of entries in the draw, complete all tasks and receive 9 entries into the draw. It’s that easy, Good luck Everyone.
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Thanks readers for participating in the Intel giveaway, the winner will be announced on a blog post on Monday, so stay alert for the announcement and other giveaways in the future. Meanwhile you could see what else we have for you in terms of Tech stories in the mobile world and general tech news.