Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultrabook giveaway

Samsung Series 5 530U ultrabook

Samsung Series 5 530U ultrabookWe are giving away one quite hot piece of technology. A Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultrabook, thanks to our friends over at Intel Kenya. Intel Ultrabooks have come to shape the world of computing in bringing new varsatility, reliability, portability and amazing computing power on an ultralight device. Versatile in that the ultrabook is one device you can use for business, leisure, entertainment and leave some bit for your imagination.

The Samsung Ultrabook runs Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel core i5-2467M Processor with a CPU clock speed of 1.6GHz and a CPU Cache of 3MB L3, the graphics chip is an Intel HD Graphics 3000, 4GB RAM, DDR3, 500GB Sata Hard drive, dimensions are 13.1″ x 9.0″ x 0.82″ and the Li-Ion battery is an 9 cell. The design is quite sleek with the Island keyboard and the weight is a mere 1.39kgs.

So what makes Ultrabooks tick?

Ultrabooks are made to be thin, and the fact that they are thin does not compromise productivity in the device. Booting on an Ultrabook happens within a flash, the Samsung Ultrabook can go from a very deep slumber to full keyboard activity within  20 seconds, waking up from sleep mode is even faster at 2 seconds. Means you can be working as soon as you settle on your desk. This is enabled by the SSD storage whose read/write is quite fast compared to conventional hard drives. Intel Anti-Theft (Intel AT) technology is a hardware-based technology that makes  it possible to lock down an Ultrabook if it’s lost or stolen and helps secure  sensitive information stored on the devices hard drive. If recovered, it can be quickly reactivated to full functionality. Ultrabook systems come enabled with Intel® Identify Protection technology to  provide a more secure online experience for activities such as shopping, banking  or gaming online. It uses chip-level authentication similar to hardware tokens and  is widely regarded by security experts as a more secure approach than software only authentication.

And now, the giveaway!

All stories should have a happy ending, and this is it. You can get this Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultrabook by doing this:

Just go ahead and log in to the raffle application, using either your facebook or just simple name and email feeding for login and do the tasks that we have listed for you to do. You can do any or all, but the comment is mandatory.Each task earns you a certain amount of entries in the draw, complete all tasks and receive 9 entries into the draw. It’s that easy, Good luck Everyone.
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Thanks readers for participating in the Intel giveaway, the winner will be announced on a blog post on Monday, so stay alert for the announcement and other giveaways in the future. Meanwhile you could see what else we have for you in terms of Tech stories in the mobile world and general tech news.



  1. My current laptop is on its deathbed, served me for more than five Samsung Ultrabook would be a great replacement

  2. I have been having a toshiba for the past four years it is so heavy and i need to go with it to school everyday… i wouldnt mind winning this slim samsung

  3. My current HP seriously overheats. I do a lot of heavy work, but still… I would like to get this to see how it performs under the pressure. It can’t be a bad as my HP.

  4. I am starting up a business that requires a lot of presentations – having such a laptop would put me miles ahead in terms of the quality of my presentations and the company’s image.

  5. This ulttrabook is just the bomb with high performance and portability at the same time, good for work and entertainment too… would like to run windows 8 on one of these

  6. Sweet merciful kittens in a weighted sack! Will you look at that! I’d swap out my wisdom teeth WITHOUT anesthesia AND a sackful of french porn for one of those there. Should you choose to throw in a nifty laser mouse, I’ll throw in my spleen and make that porn HD. I bet that HDD addresses the perennial “hard-disk” buffer action…a great disrupter of nubile entertainment.

    So…when do I pick up that slim piece of silicon based sexiness?

  7. ULTRABOOK PERFECTED: This is it! The ultrabook has arrived.Tasteful design,super build quality, a work horse,Intel’s Wireless Display technology, which you can use to mirror your desktop on an HDTV or external monitor. In addition to blowing up your desktop on a bigger screen, you can also stream 1080p movies,the back-lit keyboard another winner,it ensures power outage will not be a hindrance all backed up by the robust battery,and as heavens would have it has a matte display finish!
    In short, I totally like the value proposition behind the ultrabook;The intel Core i5 processor,500GB hybrid hard drive,4GB RAM and, of course, a DVD burner.This is a deal-breaker!

  8. If I got this notebook, I would give it to a friend of mine who has been rather helpful to me in the past in orienting me, yet without a comp and cannot afford one at the moment.

  9. Well i have a Samsung netbook and it is surprisingly good for a netbook though it has its limitations like the underpowered Intel Atom and low RAM. If i had this Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook, it will satisfy my need of having a powerful notebook computer which is light, fast booter and has the latest Intel technology like Intel Anti-Theft & Intel Identity protection which can be quite useful in my campus life

  10. i am a student and getting the ultra book i would use it for my assignments, report writing, research (basically school work) watching movies and listening to music too 😉

  11. As an Insurance I need an affordable, fast, light and portable machine that can wake from sleep in an instant to boost my trade; explaining to clients on insurance policies. An Ultrabook is the answer to all this, an addition for unwinding in the evening the large screen is the best for movies. Intel has curved a niche with their ultrabooks.

  12. Wow! samsung 5 Intel ultrabook my ideal laptop…Its slim and light to fit in my handbag so i really don’t have to carry two bags when going for meetings. life cant get better!

  13. This looks like a sleek piece of tech, can’t wait until I can actually get to use one of these and see if the hype is true.

  14. Am an engineering student with a lot of design work and research to do. I also have a lot of micro-controller coding to do. I could really do with this sleek machine!!

  15. I totally like the specs that it has, it really is a piece of art and that’s still an understatement.. With this I can play games without a hitch, plus I’m a Web development student so it would help me perfectly

  16. Unfortunately my current laptop looks like it could injure someone if it landed on their foot what with its immense size. If I had this slick laptop I would blog even more as I would be able to go to Java and take it out and start typing as I looked artist like. Or maybe I will decide to write a whole book. Who knows the influence of these things? I hope to win. Thank you for your attention.

  17. I am a computer programmer and the features i.e specs of the laptop and also portability of it would really help me alot. this is because I move from client to client displaying my application andit would also help speed up my process in development.

  18. Thanks for the contest! Winning this laptop would really help as my laptop replacement recently died on me. Love the specs of this laptop!

  19. with this laptop carrying it around to go see my clients will not be hard task to do my current machine is to heavy and like the fact that its a solid state hard disk so faster processing speed and guaranteed security for info stored in it

  20. I write scripts for a living. The computer is the main tool of my trade. My current ‘jembe’ is growing old and needs replacing. The
    Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultrabook, would make for a nice replacement, I think.

  21. I fell in love with this power horse first time i saw the advert on the newspaper.the specs are just awesome.went round looking for it but it hadn’t arrived then and when it did it was 100K. still TRYING to save for it..This would be my dream come true. I will simply enjoy the stress free life of rendering my interior design projects and hopefully have less sleepless more huge bags it would fit perfectly in my normal bags and of course brag about it to all my technology savy friends who am sure would die of envy.

  22. I have had this celeron powered laptop for three years. I am so into gaming and I know this laptop will give me the thrill I deserve.

  23. I am a Blogger who moves around a lot with my laptop, the size of this laptop is convenient for me,the fast boot “2 seconds” would also save me some time.I also like the ” Intel Anti-Theft (Intel AT) technology ” because i will be sure that my data is secure.

  24. With the ultabook’s performance, I can easily run djing software like serato scratch live and itch without any problem and with its sleek slim light desing I can comfortably carry it to gigs. That is what I would do with the sumsung series 5 intel ultrabook.

  25. As a writer, who gets inspired by anything and everything, a machine that I can carry around easily would be of great benefit. Samsung series 5 fits that bill.

  26. I could say a lot but I can sum up all I have loved in this lovely piece of technology from Big Sam in the three features that make me want it even more every time I look at it: the Intel Anti-Theft feature, Intel Identity Protection and the ability to “wake” in 20 seconds. As a student, all the three features mean a lot to me. Laptops thieves in campus are very common and that anti-theft feature is a big plus. I do a lot of stuff online, from shopping for accessories for my phone to booking flights for some folks to my constant blogging and studies and therefore the identity protection feature is all I need to feel free to surf without worrying. The light weight makes it easy to carry around in campus and elsewhere.

  27. With the ultabook’s performance, I can easily run djing software like serato scratch live and itch without any problem and with its sleek slim light desing I can comfortably carry it to gigs. That is what I would do with the sumsung series 5 intel ultrabook.

  28. Being A Graphic designer there are alot of programs that i have that require a high processing end computer, for me to render my graphics fast and within the specified time of the client. Looking at the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook, is has all i need which is a high processing power and Higher RAM capacity. So getting this ultrabook will be my ultimate step towards achieving greatness.

  29. I’m an aspiring web developer who intends to launch the first true Kenyan ‘i-tunes’ with music from Kigeugeu to Tausi………trouble is, i don’t have a laptop at all.

    Then again, i am a hardcore gamer and intend to put this badboy to the test.

  30. This would be for family use. My son is starting Kindergarten and this would be a great tool to have in helping to teach him the new things he’s learning in school.

  31. I could use the waking up speed to do something quick usually to alter my online applications code to suit my clients and also the long life battery because my current battery is totally dead and i have to be plugged in fulltime and my screen decided to start flickering and this is so annoying as i code like 18hrs of the day. And to talk of the storage, this samsung
    Ultrabook makes it sound all amazing and to the Intel AT is a “HUGE” as whats in my laptop is my life and to lose that , devastating is an understatement but with the samsung ultrabook this is all taken care of..
    I would tend to ignore the dimensions of a laptop and look at its functionality but this is sleek, i cant ignore this ultra thin dimensions… this pc virtually fits in an A4 envelope .
    Just hoping to win this ultra classic n powerful pc

  32. Gaming online, Waking up 20 seconds from sleep!Straight out the huddle and I’m ready to operate..
    The Series 5 intel Ultra book is just collosal.The 500GB sata Hard drive amazing 4GB RAM and its A4 size portability enveloping.
    I wud be so grateful if you made it possible for me 2 lay my hand on one of those or even own one..Thank you for the Giveaway chance.

  33. My current laptop cooks my legs when I use it on my lap. Would really appreciate this. I do a lot of work with VMs and testing.

  34. i would use the laptop to increase my business mobility and professional appearance. currently running my business with a very heavy laptop that i often have to leave behind in the office while visiting customers as it is very old and embarrassing!

  35. Unfortunately my current laptop died a sad death recently and i consider it lyk a family heirloom since my father handed it down to me about 8 years ago…so a new laptop with amazing specs lyk the samsung ultrabook would really assist me in moving into the 21st century…thanks

  36. i am a university student who likes being financially indepedent by never pestering the parents on little pocket money i can earn myself.
    currently i hold an article writing account but i have never ventured into it since ive never owned a laptop even before.
    i won this id be the happiest since my dream would come to a fulfilment.
    am sure this giveaway is a Godsent to see me through

  37. Martin Gicheru, you want merit? I get my Ethical Hacking certification in weeks. I penetrate systems and advice security mechanisms that my peers can’t hack . How can I be a killer when you have my weapon?
    P.s I code like a girl and they respect it.

  38. Martin Gicheru, you want
    merit? I get my Ethical
    Hacking certification in weeks. The Samsung Ultrabook will steady my hand as I do what I do best, that is, penetrate relatively systems and advise on security mechanisms that my peers
    can’t hack . How can I be a killer
    when you have my weapon?
    P.s I code like a girl and they
    respect it.

    • Final thing, should i win this very much coveted machine, i will almost immediately install BackTrack 5.This is the BEST Linux security distribution suited for us EHs with more than enough penetration testing and vulnerability assessment tolls.

      Why a laptop? Moblity. Color me hopeful, but my even my PC has its limits.


  39. My daughter is currently the yearbook editor and this ultrabook would be a life saver for her. She would be able to do so much with it.

    Theresa J

  40. this laptop is fun, if i hav it my friends will neva get away from my room, they’ll always be playing nfs, fifa or watching movies, bt for me i fancy doing 3D circiut simulation and kinematics for my robotics passion. kudos intel kenya n techweez.

  41. Getting the Ultra Book will end my computer issues.. My lappie has served me 5 years and in need of replacement.

  42. when i win the samsung ultrabook, i will use it to teach myself photo editing software. i will teach myself how to manipulate sound files so i can properly make all my ringtone/notification dreams come true (and once i’m good enough i will take requests and make sound files for anyone who asks). i will start writing like a motherf***er so i can find the book(s) living in my brain.

    i will take my samsung ultrabook with me everywhere i go. i have a smattering of autoimmune diseases that have sapped my strength and stamina, so having a truly lightweight powerhouse of a machine that i can take with me is important.

    this will give me the power to DO ALL THE THINGS and still have enough time to get back into online gaming.

  43. I am in need of a new laptop. As a poor college student who is using a heavy laptop and is having problems, I need a portable, fast, and sleek-looking laptop, and Samsung Series 5 is the way to go. I know there are a lot of poor college students out there, but this would really help me out a lot and I would be extremely grateful. This is random draw…but yeah. I’ve entered in so many laptop giveaways in hopes to win a laptop. I never ever win anything but this is a great opportunity. Thank you!

  44. This is the laptop i currently use…….heavy like a nonsense…rendering is slow graphics are such a low quality…not quite the graphic designer kind of laptop….get the samsung series 5 ultrabook will be highly appreciated.

  45. If I had this Samsung Ultrabook, I’d ditch the cable and stream through the laptop onto the HD. Man….it’d be a double win, wouldn’t it?

    To be without that damn cable bill and with the Ultrabook….perfect.

  46. samsung keeps on doing beta, with 1.39 kgs weight David Rudisha wud still hav set his new olympics record while carrying the ultrabook. am alergic to laptop bags and with this light and slim machine i can just work with a small briefcase and no one will eva suspect what i carry. witha core i5 processor, 4GB ram and the intel hd graphics card i know i will be able to play all the games i like, now itz jus waiting for the winning day!

  47. One more thing, Martin Gicheru and all at Techweez, The Samsung Intel Ultrabook has amazing specs, but the RAM and Processor speeds have me begging for mercy to let me win this.

    In my field, Information Security and Ethical Hacking, the demands of on the spot coding and permitted penetration testing of systems have not been well addressed as in any other machine as this.

    Winning this will promote ease of work, Increased productivity hence secure for ALL 🙂


  48. Portability and battery life.
    Those are what are key for me. I have a fairly powerful laptop but my shoulders and upper back suffer as a result, that plus a measly 4 hours of battery life means that I am tethered to a power cable wherever I go, a problem intel has made fun of with this Ad ~

  49. I would use it all the time! Browse the web, search, keep track of my finance and etc. I only have an old and slow desktop. So if I won it would be a dream come true!!

  50. weight is the root of many problems, overweight people are at risk of cardiac arrests, heavy cars never win races and heavy laptops have been attributed to shoulder, back, and neck injuries. Samsung Utrabook is lighter and achieves this without compromising the battery life and the computing power….Gift me this “little bundle of joy”

  51. This baby sounds pretty awesome!! Would love to have one of this…fast, light, secure..did i mention fast? with the processor speeds and RAM like that, i could pretty much do anything for this…what’s not to love!!! Hope i win this!!

  52. Personally I am a gamer and I would use the Laptop to enhance my gaming experience and increase the range of games I can play

  53. If I won the ultra-book, I think I’d definitely use it to the max!
    Surf endlessly, type hundreds of assignments and projects, download tons and tons of YouTube videos, store almost all my data on it ad with that i5 processor Id definitely play all the PC games I can lay my hands on- from FIFA to Call of Duty to Gears of Warrrrr!

  54. I will use the samsung ultrabook to perfect my computer skills especially in programming and also to play new games. due to the security level it has I shall never be afraid to store my data on the machine.

  55. hey samsung i like the fact that you have developed a laptop that is theft resistant. i have had many friends complain about their laptops being stolen but i can see you have that covered here. also i like how fast it goes from sleep to activity, just 20 SECONDS!!!! That is amazing, all laptops i have used are mighty slow so this is quite the improvement. it is an AWESOME deal in itself.

  56. My work with income-generation projects for poor women would receive a real boost with a Samsung Ultrabook. Reports, photos, a facebook page, creating embroidery designs, working with a local artist, newsletters- all would be facilitated by a Samsung computer to complement my Samsung phones. (I have people lining up for my old computer too!)

  57. The part of all is the; Intel Anti-Theft (Intel AT) technology is a
    hardware-based technology that makes it possible to lock down an
    Ultrabook if it’s lost or stolen and helps secure sensitive information
    stored on the devices hard drive. If recovered, it can be quickly
    reactivated to full functionality. GREAT!

  58. Alas! Samsung 5 Series intel Utrabook is Amazing offer! i have been facilitating in Forums but the worst thing notebook/laptop yangu sreen ili crach, battery kila saa kwa power.slow processing speed mpaka watu wenye na facilitate hunichongoa kila mala , wanadaisha eti kame chapa nivile nimeclad poa’ I really feel ashamed navile nimesota jo….

  59. this is it!!!!!!! Searching no more for a laptop. This is more than enough to code with. Especially with web development and java that require heavy applications this is the gadget to roll with. Guys may it come my way.

  60. How awesome is the ultrabook? It’s like they took all the ideas in my head and made a computer out of them. This is perfection at the least, it would COMPLETE me!!

  61. As a co-founder of a young tech start-up, I would give the laptop to our Technical Director. This will replace his old laptop, especially in the specs department. Working from it will be easier and faster, especially in producing and maintaining our products.

  62. I am a programmer, blogger and new media enthusiast. The ultrabook will totally re-shape my life as I can do all these things I love with ease, at any place and any time owing to the magnificent portability of this machine

  63. I truly need this laptop pliiiis let me have it. I do plenty of graphical designs and webdesigns and need the exact hdd space it offers. Am also a student and is in need of this.

  64. extreme specs that are to do die for, will use it for performance of animations and great android application coding. really really magnificent specs and portability not an issue. would greatly enhance my animations to another level.

  65. you are doing grate job samsug. I saw the machinewith my friend and I have liked it.Its faster, its screen resolution is very good and the size is amazing. wonderful job, cograts

  66. the specs are also making me like the machine more. I’m a programmer and the programs I install and the client’s jobs will never be an issue again coz the speed will make my work easier and faster. please, please consider me. Samsung no one like you even on the side of phones,home utensils etc you the best

  67. An ultrabook is the next step, techwise, for those of us who can’t stand tablets. So if I got one, my whole life would revolve around it. Be it entertainment, work and/or everything and anything else that comes with the package…..

  68. Without Intel you can guess how life can be miserable. Speed is important when it comes to task accomplishment and I believe the 1.6GHz will give an ultimate performance.
    We need were to store our stuff and the 500GB of Hard Drive gives enough room to store all the blankets I have to facilitate ease sleep not worrying of the cold created by lack of where to store one’s bulk documents.
    A 9cell battery will keep me in the field long enough to collect the information I need without worry of running out of power hence accomplishing my mission without hitches.
    Finally, who doesn’t like winning something and and a samsung Series 5 Intel Ultrabook with its sleek features will be a prize that will leave my technology world wondering where I came from

  69. Well, working with video can be hectic; capturing, editing,rendering and burning on to discs is what I am talking about. Without a power machine that can deliver, I experience hanging ‘windows’, spoilt DVDs, late work delivery and so much more frustrations that this Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultrabook will definitely do away with.
    This is because I am sure of the speed, power and multitasking nature of this piece of technology that has been coined together by Samsung and Intel technologies.

  70. I would certainly use it for school and for getting my blog started! I would likely also use it to keep inventory and manage the items on my little online store.

  71. Living in this world of conflicts and sorrow demand that one has the power to keep one stong among the powerful and the Samsung 5 Series Intel Ultrabook is just in time to keep me strong among my powerful friends whose power cannot match what Samsung and Intel are offering.
    This means I will be on top of the game once I land my hands of this precious gift.
    God help me.

  72. A story is told of one man by the name Samintel who went to the wilderness to find a traditional cure for his ailing mother. On the way he met a lion that challenged not only his life but also threatening to end the life of her mother who was ailing.
    Without a second thought the young man started running away with the lion charging at him. He quickly grabbed an opportunity of a tree and climbed as if he was in a lift. The lion halted at the foot of the tree as soon as he grabbed a branch that supported him off the ground a few meters from the ground. He held on to the powerful branch until the lion gave up and proceeded to hunt elsewhere.
    Samintel came down and cautiously searched for the traditional medicine and took it to her mum who in a few days healed and was healthy once again.
    I attribute the power of the branch as the technology put together between Samsung and Intel as one that will give us the support we need from life threatening circumstances and challenges and enable us to triumph over them.
    The Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultra book is the ultimate gadget designed to help me in may journalistic field given the bulk of work with strict deadlines to beat. This deadline is the same one that Samintel had to beat in order to save her mum whose life was in danger with the help of the powerful branch.

  73. Small, big machine. Waiting to be the lucky one! Intel core i5-2467M Processor with a CPU clock speed of 1.6GHz and a CPU
    Cache of 3MB L3, the graphics chip is an Intel HD Graphics 3000, 4GB
    RAM, DDR3, 500GB Sata Hard drive, The design is quite sleek with the Island keyboard and the weight is a mere 1.39kgs.

  74. Perfect machine for coding Windows 8 apps and any other app development , so its a good show , what i would really like to know is if samsung with the current inroads they are making with introducing such technologies will make other technologies available for developers to have a taste and feel of such as the e-boards which in my opinion will create enough buzz among developers to create much needed content for use especially in the learning institutions.

  75. Today as I was heading to work, I boarded this KBS Bus but while on the climbing the stretch after Integrity center, the hind left wheel came off. Thanks to God it was on a hill but I learnt one thing. This bus lacked the power to concur the hill and it might have had no proper systems installed or checked for fault.
    In the technology world you are bound to loose your hind left support if the machine you you use is not backed up by proper and powerful systems.
    That’s why the Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultra Book is complete with Intel inside to provide the power needed to keep you running the whole day despite the bulkiness of your duties. Speed, Power, Multitasking in his busy journalistic environment as well as the need for easy mobility is all complimented by this machine.
    I do not want to loose my hind left wheel soon, that’s the major reason as to why this piece of utmost technology combination will perfectly give me hope and strength to push my duties to higher grounds.

  76. I was just working on some press release when power went off. I had not even dropped my post here today. This means there is a lot of time that has gone to waste for two and a half hours that power has been off.
    If I had the Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultra Book, the press release could be over by now and this post could have come two hour before the actual time posted because I could be sure even without power the 9 cell battery could have lasted me long enough to achieve this.
    One more reason why this piece of technology could be more important in my journalistic life and scale my heights.

  77. Because I know I will not have a machine at home to comment here in the remaining 14 Hours or so, let me make a final comment before I am locked out like the five virgins who were locked outside because they went to sleep a bit fearing their lamps could run out of oil before midnight.
    This is actually because they did not have oil that could provide enough power to wait for the bridegroom and when he was delayed they had to go and back off.
    This is the same in the technological world you need to hold on long enough to complete all tasks irrespective of delays.
    The Samsung Series 5 Intel Ultra book offers this piece of technology to ensure completion of all the tasks assigned irrespective of the situation that may come by.
    Who is not dreaming of a smooth life technologically?

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