Nokia focuses on camera with the Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 pureview

Nokia Lumia 920 pureviewLights! Camera! Action!

Nokia has just announced their newest Windows phone devices, running Windows phone 8. From what I get, Lumia 920 could have the most advanced camera in the smartphone category. Well I wouldnt know where Lumia stands compared to the 808 as the announcement is still virgin. Nokia has put alot of emphasis on what the camera delivers, comparing camera shots on the Lumia 920 with what we get on the point and shoot SLR cameras.

Some of the things announced to be on the Lumia 920 are floating lens technology which makes Lumia 920 able to capture images with 5 times more light than the average smartphone camera without the need of a flash.Nokia’s Executive VP WW Products and Chief Research Officer, IDC Crawford Del Prete notes that low light images in cameras has been a weak point for smartphones, and Nokia has addressed that on the Lumia 920. Pureview is the technology that will make the Lumia 920 camera shoot photos and videos indoors, outdoors and even at night with professional looking finish.

Images taken while the hands are shaky or in motion will appear better on the Lumia 920.

The Nokia City Lens is a feature that was also introduced today where a user can point the camera at a city street and get information about restaurants, shops hotels and others on the surface of buildings. In so many words, this is augmented reality repackaged.



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