Nokia’s version of Instagram, MOLOME does 1Million downloads

MOLOME 1 million downloads

MOLOME 1 million downloadsWhen Instagram was getting the downloads and hordes of users, a developer Sittiphol Phanvilai was from early 2011 busy with the oft ignored Symbian and created an app that offers similar and some features to users on Symbian. Phanvilai says there is more to MOLOME than just image editing and sharing, which is possible to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, VK, Picasa, Dropbox and Google Drive:

“MOLOME is not just a photo sharing social network appellation, it also has a Gamification and cross-platform offering. The game aspect of MOLOME allows users to collect badges when they upload photos as a reward and also join in a monthly campaign. And cross-platform means that we plan to make it available on everysingle possible mobile platform.”

Well, the app has since reached 1Million downloads on Nokia store. Currently available on Nokia store for Symbian Belle users, Phanvilai says it will be available on Windows too (I am sure Windows phone users have been secretly wishing for their own “instagram” in there, right?). MOLOME dev has no plans to turn it to a paid app as he says it’s hard to sell apps, he instead has plans for in-app purchases as the easiest option for revenue.