Samsung chips in an offer to replace counterfeits with genuines at reduced prices

Samsung genuine phones

Samsung genuine phonesCCK is set to switch off over 3 million counterfeight handsets in Kenya in a push to get users to use genuine and safe mobile phones. Naturally this will mean an estimated 3 million users going offline if they proceed to the deadline as-is. Now Samsung launched a campaign dubbed “Give up that Fake!” where users of counterfeight devices will have a chance to replace them with genuine Samsung devices at slashed prices. The devices that will be available for purchase at special prices over the two days are the Samsung Keystone (E1085) set to retail at kshs 1399 down from Kshs 1799. Also on offer in the Samsung Give up the Fake! Campaign is the Samsung Nari DS (E2232) set to retail at KShs 3,399 down from Kshs 3,750 and the Samsung Ch@t222 now retailing at Kshs 4499 down from Kshs 5,499. The recently launched Samsung Chief Hero will also be on offer at Kshs 2,999 down from Kshs 3,199. All Samsung mobile phones come with a 2 year warranty, and these are no exception. Customers will be able to make the purchase for two days today Friday and tomorrow Saturday at venues in 6 major towns, these being Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru and Thika. Collection points will be at municipal halls of these towns.

The devices will then be handed over to Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre Limited (WEEE Centre) a local E-Waste recycling company for proper handling since waste of this kind cannot be handled like the usual house-hold waste. Mobile phones can contain toxic material like cadmium, lead, beryllium and antimony which if disposed in an improper manner are a health and environment hazard. Counterfeight handsets do not follow global manufacturing and safety standards hence pose risks to users beyond infringing on Intellectual rights and denying the much needed tax revenue to the government.