Open Internet Exchange and PhormDiscover Work Together

Business entities are constantly looking for ways to increase profits and reduce expenses. Both of these objectives can be  accomplished with improved efficiency in sales, inventories, and expenses. In recent years, the Open Internet Exchange and PhormDiscover have been contributing factors in the computing and electronics related fields.

The major benefits of the Open Internet Exchange are to provide more efficient delivery of products and services, better management of supply chains, and more satisfied customers. It is the largest electronic marketplace, and it provides buyers and sellers cost-saving efficiency.

Additional advantages over other web transactions include the following:

  • Processing efficiencies, lower manufacturing and purchasing costs.
  • Since the online marketplace allows better matching of supply and demand, less cash is needed for inventories.
  • Customer satisfaction is improved because products are delivered quicker. If delays occur, the customer can be informed and given an expected date of delivery.

Opportunities for Business to Advertise

With all of the benefits of Open Internet Exchange, businessmen will recognize that they have the perfect place to advertise their products. The electronic marketplace has attracted nearly everyone involved in electronics marketing. With new products being developed daily, advertisers are needed to inform this audience.

Advertising dollars are often wasted by sending advertisements to people who neither need nor want them. Since Open Internet Exchange has provided many opportunities for business efficiency, advertising should also be efficient in the electronic marketplace.

What about PhormDiscover?

Phorm gives publishers and networks the ability to display advertising to the right person through the Open Internet Exchange. It is free and offers complete anonymity to the users. Every businessman wants the best return on every dollar he spends. To achieve the best return on advertising dollars, the businessmen’s ads must be delivered to a targeted audience of potential buyers. Is there a way to reach only targeted buyers? Yes, there is. However, the advertisers are subject to the channels and content they may use. The more you know about PhormDiscover, the more you will appreciate personalized content. As you visit various websites, it collects the latest information from blogs, news stories and videos for you. You have all of the latest information available, but you remain anonymous. Your browser is assigned a random number, and categories (channels) are created as you browse various web sites. It shows you the content from within the site you are visiting, or it can collect other relevant personal content from around the web.

It never keeps a record. Creation of channels that may be considered sensitive are forbidden. These include the following: adult, children, sexual orientation, political, religion, drugs, alcohol and other sensitive subjects. PhormDiscover is offered by ISPs, and you may opt into it by visiting your Internet Service Provider’s website. Personalised content and advertising will begin immediately. You will have access to additional information about your interest and advertisements that for which you are a potential buyer.