Kenya RedCross to respond faster thanks to Microsoft software donation worth USD 3M

Microsoft East Africa

Microsoft today donated to Kenya Red Cross $3 million grant to develop a disaster response portal that will be available to the public. This software, once developed, will enable resource mobilization from the public and narrow down specific appeals such as emergency blood donations. The software will be an all-inclusive portal to enhance data collection, supporter engagement, volunteer mobilization and in general increase capacity to deliver services in emergency situations to vulnerable people.

This grant will also cover e-learning courses training of Red Cross officers who will manage the software for efficient management.

“ICT development is critical for accelerating economic development where new approaches and  new  solutions  are  required  to  address  a  range  of  problems  facing  the  humanitarian responders. In the past, our humanitarian programs had minimal investments in  technology infrastructure.  Today’s  software  donation  is  set  to  boost  our  ICT  systems  to  significantly enhance closely through technology,” said Abbas Gullet, Secretary General of the Kenya Red Cross Society.

This is the single largest software donation that Microsoft has done by Microsoft Corporation in Kenya, bringing Microsoft’s overall support to the Horn of Africa Famine initiative through local and international NGOs to $18M.