Don’t you fear, Firefox 16 is here


Mozilla has released Firefox 16 the new version of the desktop browser. This new release comes with fixes on known issues from the prior versions plus an addition of new features. Some holes that were associated with the previous release have been completely sealed of which 11 have been marked as critical.

The new release comes armed with a new developer toolbar, early web app support, preliminary VoiceOver support in the Mac OS X version and a new Safari-like reader mode in the android version. The reader mode “removes all the clutter from Web pages and shows you only what you want to read in a minimalist UI,” as Firefox Mobile developer Lucas Rocha explained. The new developer toolbar provides easy keyboard control over Firefox Developer Tools and is intuitive, completing commands and parameters for you. Other features include CSS3 animations, Image values, IndexedDB, Transitions and Transforms.

A new addition to the Android side is the ability to use “Share” menu item to send tabs to other devices through the “Firefox sync” option and a feature designed to guarantee malicious “tel:URLs” crafted to wipe the phone can no longer be opened.

As always these new versions are available for free Download in desktop and mobile versions on the Mozilla site.