A Sony Nexus photo leaked, and it’s ugly

sony nexus phone

sony nexus phone

This photo looks old and scratched out, but it bears both logos, Sony and Google. That’s enough to brand it a Nexus. And it’s doing rounds on the blogs with a claim that it’s a Sony Nexus. The picture below looks a bit better, though not really 2012.sony nexus x

Still not comforting, is it? This device looks like it runs stock Android 4.0 or 4.1, and it sure is a Sony, an ugly Sony. We would then just go ahead to assume it to be a prototype device that is too far from finished to expose the final design. Just like they did with the Galaxy S III prototype that was doing rounds weeks before the launch of the real one, which was quite different. All the same, a Sony Nexus wouldn’t be a bad idea, considering Sony has been on a design spree releasing very nice designs of smartphones. Only that some other issues prevent it from being a competitor with the big boys.

Picture Credits: Androidpit


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