Nokia Coffee tablet release rumoured to be pushed to Q1 2013

Nokia Coffee Tablet

Nokia Coffee TabletLong time ago, there was a rumour that Nokia would be announcing either a Tablet, a phablet or both, expectedly within this year. Well, that is new ground and it’s forgivable to just delay it till Windows 8, which is Nokia’s main OS for high end devices is actually stable and running. We all know how the Symbian and Meego story went. Initially the tablet is said to have been designed for build as a MeeGo-Harmattan “Senna” tablet. that was never to be. Anything Meego, ask Jolla or Tizen. Not Nokia.

The rumour “update” is now from a new source indicates these dreams were not shelved yet, and we could be on our way to seeing a Tablet from Nokia. A tipper earlier told me that the tablet actually exists, so there is no doubt about that, just about when specifically. CES 2013 Las Vegas is said to be the time and place the tablet will be launched. Looks like the only thing coming off the specs sheet is the 8 Mp camera, it will run Windows 8 RT and the obvious fact that it will come in many colours. In the last few days we have seen a horde of tablets indicating this is going to be a hot industry, with almost every mobile vendor wanting to be the seller of one, including on-line retail stores.

What do you think, will this be a good sell?


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