Developers, Entrepreneurs among 2012 WordCamp Kenya Speakers

WordCamp Kenya 2012

WordCamp Kenya 2012WordCamp Kenya is on again for the second year running. The event which was hosted at Crayfish Camp Naivasha in 2011 will be showing up in Maanzoni Lodge on Mombasa road. The theme for the event is Responsible Blogging. Out of town is the way to go, right? Unleashes the wild in you and the mix of individuals, the weather and a combination of other many factors make it a must-do event. WordCamp Kenya 2012 is happening this weekend of 10th and 11th, Saturday and Sunday of November. If you dont have tickets you might wanna head on to the Wordcamp Kenya site and see what’s left in the last minute.

Now the list of speakers for this time is a nice blend of entrepreneurs and developers who will be there to discuss with attendees on this oh, so wonderful Content Management System that is WordPress.

This year’s Wordcamp will be graced by Isaac Keyet, a Swedish man from Automattic, the team that came up with wordpress, yes, he is coming all the way in person for the camp. Isaac is a team lead for mobile team at Automattic, so would be a good person to meet and discuss mobile strategy of your blog or wordpress powered website.

Kelvin Jayanoris is another developer, Kenyan and is an accountant by nature. Kelvin doubles up as a developer and entrepreneur. He is one of the people who can claim some level of success in the opensource world with their trademark plugin, Dukapress. Kelvin has some story of hope to give to aspiring techpreneurs in the development field.

Anthony Mwangi is another developer who has a very interesting story of his love affair with wordpress and how it brings food to his table(or whatever he uses when eating).

Moses Kemibaro is a man who has been in the Kenyan Tech scene wearing many hats, importantly, he is a reknowned blogger and entrepreneur. He is an entrepreneur and has a very good story of how blogging has impacted his life.

Brian Wangila is a developer and wordpress is his CMS of choice for the flexibility it provides when it comes to developing dynamic websites. WordPress is a first love to him.

Njery Wangare is another individual who wears many hats. She is an IT specialist, poet and most importantly a blogger recognized globally. Blogging has opened up her world of self espression mostly for her very lovely poems.

Paul Kukubo who will be the Keynote speaker, is CEO at ICT Board, he also has a long history in development and as a voice from the government, he has a very good scope of items we definately would want to listen to, his wealth of knowledge is in abundance.

Daniel Bachhuber is another developer affiliated with WordPress. He works with WordPress VIP and hails from Portlandia City. Come listen to him, an authority in wordpress development.

Philip Ogola is no new name in the social media space, an award winning guru currently working with Red Cross in their online strategy.

Sam Gichuru is an entrepreneur come business coach. With very many years in entrepreneurship and a story of many trials and errors, Sam’s story is one you would want to listen, particularly the part of thou shall not give up, he has seen it all. He is co-founder and director at Nailab, an incubation hub that guides startups hosted within on the way up in terms of business mentorship, funding, partnerships seeking, business processes and basically what an entrepreneur needs to grow, from one who has been there done that.

See here the full list of speakers.