We make phones not war, says LG in advert

optimus G advert

optimus G advertLG wants to be known for making love phones, not war. In an advert published on the Wall Street Journal and New York Times Newspapers, LG had the words in caps, WE MAKE PHONES, NOT WAR”. Naturally, this is a response to happenings in the mobile phones industry and LG chose instead of making a public statement, bundle their their case inside a well done advert and make it a sell pitch. The LG ad mentions the use of red, green and blue primary colours in a pixel to make picture quality good on the LG Optimus G, which leads us to what could be in the oven.

Quite recently, LG and Samsung have sued and counter-sued each other regarding OLED technology, with Samsung suing LG for leaking the technology and seeking an injunction over the same. LG on the other hand counter-sued Samsung alleging infringement of their OLED related Patents that LG claims to own, LG also sought for an injunction on sale of several devices using the technology, these being Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II HD, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7. Samsung answered that with a case seeking to have LG invalidate the OLED patents held by LG, calling it lack of innovation.