Fancy a smart home? Meet Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS-3320

Smart Door lock shs-3320

Smart Door lock shs-3320Samsung subsidiary, Samsung Network Services and Solutions (SNS) has introduced a very innovative door lock. Driven by several level authentication, this lock is both mechanical and automatic. You can not only still use the conventional key but also have unlock via user access code. The SHS-3320 also has two level authentication where you would input the pass code and also require RFID card run on NFC. The lock features a touch pad screen, antitheft mode, random security code, automatic locking, intrusion detection, keypad volume control, low battery warning plus a 9v battery backup and interface with Samsung Video door phone to complete the Samsung Smart Home System.
Samsung did showcase use of NFC in Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones for guests at the Holiday Inn Hotel during the Olympics in London earlier in the year, for hotel guests in London. This was a success and I guess this is the time to go mass market. This actually means even in far out places where they don’t have much use of NFC in things like payments, NFC on phones would come in quite handy if you need to lock and unlock your home or office. This product is not being launched for South Korea than other markets later but globally concurrently, so you wont be surprised to find them in your neighbourhood soon. This New lock was the winner of the reddot design and IDEA design awards.