Galaxy Note II reaches 5 million, Samsung releases new TVC

Galaxy Note II commercial

Galaxy Note II commercialThe biggest smartphone in the continent just got bigger, and smarter. Samsung has reported that they have shipped 5 million Galaxy Note IIs. Galaxy Note II is still by far the most daring category move on smartphones, and Samsung decided to walk uncharted paths last year with the first Galaxy Note which surprised many with the sales it pushed. The Galaxy Note II is even larger and more powerful at 5.5′ screen, 1.5GHx Quad Core and 2GB RAM.

Samsung has been trying to market it as the smartphone for the creative person, with artists, designers and general creatives featuring many times in their commercials and promotions. Even in the local Galaxy Note II launch in Nairobi we had a fashion designer showcase a design she did using the Galaxy Note II and she notes how easy it is to be creative with the phablet.

Samsung has since released a new TV commercial, seemingly to go with that milestone, and show that there is so much work and fun you can do with this winner. See the video below:


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