Nokia introduces Slam, adds two more Asha phones 205 and 206

Nokia 206

Nokia Slam is a new feature announced by Nokia for file sharing among Bluetooth-enabled devices. Sharing via Slam has an advantage over the usual Bluetooth sharing in that you do not need to pair devices to share with those nearby. Slam promises a fast way to share photos and video with nearby friends almost instantly, just a few clicks and you wont require internet data. I am not sure what radius limit this presents, but we will sure find out. Compatibility is however not possible for iOS and Windows phone OSes, so no hopes high iphone and windows phone users.

Nokia Asha 205Nokia has also announced Nokia Asha 205, another qwerty candybar phone. Asha 205 has a dedicated facebook button on the front among other social features this phone has a focus on. These being eBuddy Chat, twitter support and email. Physically it looks like the Nokia X2. Key features on this phone include Nokia Life web app, 2.4″ QVGA, QWERTY, 10mb user memory, GPRS/EDGE connectivity, 40 free EA Games, single and dual sim options with easy swap for the dual sim phones. The talktime is 11 hours. Pricing will be $62 and will be available within this quarter in 3 colours, these being Cyan, Magenta and Orange.

Nokia 206Nokia 206 on the other hand is an attempt at taking us down memory lane and a blend of new by Nokia. The front looks like what Nokia feature phones looked like before they were any smart. The rear on the other hand would remind you of a Lumia 820. Designed in 5 colours, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White, Nokia 206 is also an attempt to show how Nokia loves the rainbow. The phone has very basic features, with a 2.4″ QVGA screen and 10mb user memory. Connectivity is GPRS/EDGE and uses the tiny 2mm charger, add 3.5mm for sound out, Bluetooth 2.1 and a 20 hour talktime. The camera is a 1.3MP and it can support storage expansion upto 32GB. Quite an add-on here is that it can support eBuddy Chat, Whatsapp for the single sim version(did I mention there is a single and dual sim version for this one too?) and easy swap. Nokia 206 will also sell at $62 within this quarter.