6 hot features you get with Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade

Galaxy S III premium Suite Upgrade

Galaxy S III premium Suite UpgradeWant to know what to expect in the new Android 4.1.2 OS upgrade for Galaxy S III? Samsung has put together a video highlighting all the new features which includes Multi-Window, Page Buddy, Facebook Lock Ticker, Auto Share Shot via NFC and lots more. The update has started rolling out in Poland, which means it will be available soon in other regions.

Samsung is rolling out Android 4.1.2 for the flagship device of 2012 the Samsung Galaxy S III. Android version upgrade is not all that users will be getting, there is Premium suite upgrade to give the Galaxy S III user some love like what was experienced on the Galaxy Note II. So as you wait for these niceties, here are some of the things you stand to get, all in a video. Actually, not all of them , since there is part two of the video coming, but here goes:

Page Buddy: This is currently only available on the Galaxy Note II and is a feature that allows you to personalize the response when you do a list of activities, these are: Pull out the S- Pen (applies only for the Note), plug in the earphones, dock the phone and while roaming. Page Buddy, when set up, trigger a specialized menu with short-cuts specific to the activity, like music and video menu short-cuts when you plug in the earphones. These are widgets like music and video widgets and the short-cuts at the bottom also get replaced with relevant short-cuts. This menu disappears immediately you unplug the earphones.
Contextual menu that lets you choose the most frequently used apps in the list of apps, just an extra way of doing things. When attaching files to messages, you also get a list of apps you frequently use.

Contextual tag adds some life to your photos, you can add settings like allow showing of location, weather and other information to your photos, settings can be done right inside the camera while taking photos and you can show the date, place and weather on the photos you take.

Multi-Window is the king of all features, I bet Galaxy S III users were wondering when they would ever get this one. With this you get a taskbar that is movable and can be hidden and activated by a touch and hold activity on the back button. Once you have that on, you can have two windows active on the screen, top and bottom just like we have had on the Galaxy Note II. These windows are resizeable and switchable. Plus you can always replace a window item by adding an application from the taskbar, which again is editable to reflect the apps you want to show there.

Another feature is Autoshare using NFC. Once you have this you can set up autoshare in the settings and allow you to share to another phone using NFC, sharing. Once you have set up autoshare on both phones using S Beam, you wont have to require going off the image gallery to share images, they share without any effort on your side.

Reader Mode: For this big screen, you would want to experience what it has to offer in terms of reading and other things. Reader mode allows you to view larger size text and images on websites, and it’s activated while on the browser by a tap.

Facebook Lock Ticker: For those of us who still love facebook and dont wanna miss something, you can get your updates straight on the lock screen, quite handy huh? These and more features are coming to your Galaxy S III to enhance it’s awesomeness, we will sure feature what comes in in part two of the features demo, stay around.

Check out the part one of the video below.


  1. Awesome! I’ve always been critical of Samsung’s device update cycle but with such improved support, they’ll surely get more and more people buying their devices since there are assured of continued updates; not just any updates but feature packed updates. Good strategy there. This will make other manufacturers to also up their game and thus the Android platform as a whole will shed that old song of fragmentation. Now let them roll out 4.2 before the arrival of the next flagship device.

    • Roll out 4.2 before the next flagship device which is in Q1 next year and what will be the edge of the device at launch?
      I know it will come with other features and hardware, but my opinion is that can wait for the next device. Which other OEM is rolling out 4.2?

      • The next flagship can ride on the fact that it will get Android 5.0.x soon after it is released (and before any other device). The same way the SIII received Jelly Bean before the SII yet the SII got ICS when the launch date of the SIII was near. Always works. Plus, customers who can afford such high end devices means they will upgrade to the next flagship in no time.

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