Nigeria’s Airtel network now 4G LTE ready in Lagos

Airtel 4G LTE

Airtel 4G LTEAirtel Nigeria has since completed trials for 4G LTE(Long Term Evolution) in Lagos, Nigeria and termed it a success. The telecommunications service provider says with this milestone, they are ready to start testing other cities in the West African countries including Abuja and Port Harcourt. The company reports achieving downloads speeds of upto 32 Megabits per second(measurements done via and uploads speeds of 10.6 Mbps.

LTE, a global standard for mobile broadband requires use of different frequency bands in different countries, hence LTE smartphones will require to be Multi-Band to be supported. If Airtel Nigeria rolls out LTE in Lagos, it will be the second in Africa after Vocacom South Africa which went live in Johannesburg two months ago. In Kenya, Safaricom has been testing the service but not official word on when to go commercial with LTE.