The Coolest Cell Phone Cases You Can Buy

Galaxy S III Cases

Cell phone cases are as important as the device itself. No matter what the manufacturer states about the quality of the build, almost every smartphone is prone to scratches and damage, just worst outcome for a smartphone you’ve saved up for. Even a minor scratch can take away the elegance of the display. There’s a possibility of accidentally dropping the device as well. Cell phone cases protect the device from scratches and damage.

Good quality cases don’t come cheap. However, they can be easily financed through a savings account. You may compare interest rates for savings accounts, and go with the best offer. Here are some of the coolest cell phone cases you can buy.

1. Case-Mate cases

There are wide range of photos, colors and styles offered by Case-Mate. There’s an option to make a completely unique case by uploading your own images. The cases are made with high quality materials such as Napa leather. Case Mate Tank is a good option when it comes to rugged strength. It comes with the ‘military grade’ label. Extra protective Tough Extreme series is also available for a number of handsets.

2. Aqua Box cases

Protection from water damage is important. Aqua Box form PoolGear Plus will allow you to use the device while making it invulnerable to water damage. The case protects the device from water up to 19 feet. The case comes with a floating capability, which means the smartphone is going to come up if you drop it accidently. Protection from drops is provided by the hard outer shell. Save money by not breaking your phone on the first drop! Aqua box cases are available in multiple colors.

 3. OtterBox cases

The company uses innovative techniques to produce cases that protect smartphones from destruction. The cases can be considered indestructible themselves. The thickest materials such as polycarbonate and silicone are used. The staff of the company test out the products while engaging in activities such as snowboarding, running and hiking. The Dry Box series from OtterBox offers effective protection from water damage.

4. InCharge

InCharge Mobile case is exclusive to Apple fans. Why it’s on the list? It’s a self-charging case that comes with a 2300mAh battery pack that doubles the talk time of your iPhone while providing ultimate protection. The case comes with a built-in stand, and LED Battery status indicators. The quick charge features take less than four hours to recharge the battery pack.

5. GelaSkins cases

GelaSkins are for people who are into arts. There are hundreds of designs available, and some of the classics come from re-known artists like Normal Rockwell. The light weight cases offer normal protection from scratches, while hard cases made from polycarbonate are available as well. GelaSkins are ideal for smartphone users who want protection with appeal.

No matter which case you choose, you’ll need to consider the look of your smartphone and pick the case that complements its appeal. Most of the cases are tailored to fit most devices, and you may be pleased with the facelift the case gives to your device after installation.