Nokia takes data compression to Windows phone with Nokia Xpress

Nokia Xpress

Nokia Xpress

I am sure every Nokia User of 2012 knows or has heard of Nokia Xpress browser that seeked to compress data and save upto 90% of data costs. Well, since I dont think they are going to want to change the default browser on Windows phone. Nokia comes up with a way of bringing that in without upsetting the status quo. Nokia Xpress app. This one is available for both Windows phone 7 and 8 on Windows Marketplace for download.

Nokia notes that getting things that the consumer wishes they had is the easiest way of becoming a darling of the mobile ecosystem again, hence they keep on working on the experience of the user in a world where Microsoft has worked on standardizing the Windows Phone 8 OS. ANd since mobile Network operators are shying away from unlimited dats plans by adding data caps or doing away with the plans altogether, users tend to be more cautious of how they spend this gold.

What is Nokia Xpress?
This is basically a content discovery app that allows you to collect content off your favourite blogs and sites and makes it available to read offline. Nokia Xpress saves this data on skydrive using Nokia’s cloud based Xpress internet platform. This works to save a user upto 85% on data. Once you have saved your links, just like you would do on Pocket(formerly Read it later) on Android and make it available for reading without need for internet access.

With Nokia Xpress you can store quicklinks to your favourite sites and it will present it to you in a cost effective way in terms of data consumption

What’s more, Nokia makes it even nicer by including instant language translation of web pages, by tapping on the menu link on the bottom right to reveal language options. Time to now figure out if this works with Microsoft translator which was acquired off Yahoo as Yahoo Babelfish. Who woulda thunk?
See video below as Nokia Communications specialist Jason Walsh explains how it works.