This app tracks your sleeping habit, will require QR code in bathroom to stop alarm



Many of us make resolutions every evening before they sleep, about how they are going to wake up early and throw away the duvets like it’s an enemy. Sleep as Android is an app that can help you monitor and work around it to be always alert when you need to, without having to smash your alarm to the wall. This app monitors your sleeping habit when you let it lie next to you in bed using the phone’s accelerometer and after monitoring this, wont wake you up from deep sleep. It can tell when you are on light sleep and wake you up in a gentle way. The alarm will be soft at first and the volume increases gradually. That way you will be slightly awake by the time it’s blaring out loud. The app can even in-fact tell you from the reports whether you have a sleep deficit.

You can set the method of unlocking the alarm from either a maths CAPTCHA, shake your Phone CAPTCHA, sleeping sheep CAPTCHA where you will need to touch the awake sheep from among a herd of like 20 or QR code CAPTCHA which would be the most effective as you can print a CAPTCHA and place it in the bathroon where you will need to unlock with you physically present in the bathroom. Can you go back to sleep after that?
In the evening, the app will give you a go to sleep notification after studying you and will even lull you to sleep with some soft music. It records the sounds you make in your sleep and will tell you if you snore….or sleep talk. You have the ability to choose the lullaby music and wake up music. And you can share some of these to social, kinda like an instagram of sleep, smart, huh?

Here is the app on Google play.