Promoting peace through pictures and videos with Crown Paints

Crown Paints Peace campaign

Crown Paints Peace campaign

Kenya is once again in the elections mood, one of the highlights of the seasons, that happens every 5 years. We get a chance to choose our leaders to govern us in the next 5 years. Elections is one very emotive event and has in the future resulted in cases of violence among various communities in Kenya. The last general elections was the worst hit and has prompted many individuals and groups to take an active role where they can to promote peace, mostly during the elections.

One such campaign, “Uniting Colours of Kenya Campaign” is an online peace campaign that was launched by Crown Paints Kenya and it will involve Kenyans online in passing across messages, videos and images of peace during this period. The off-line launch was done in Kibera at Undugu Primary School football ground where Crown Paints sponsored a wall and young people were able to paint peace messages. The campaign has now morphed into an online campaign run on a microsite, facebook and twitter. On the microsite, participants will be able to inspire others by uploading messages, pictures and videos that promote peace.

And to drive up the participation, Crown Paints decided to add a token of that act of goodwill by making this competitive. The best messages will stand a chance to win daily, a reward of Kshs 1000 and the same will automatically qualify for the grand draw of Kshs 100,000 for the winner, Kshs 70,000 for the first runners up and Kshs 40,000 for the secont runners up. The ultimate winners will be Kenyans who will be inspired to make a resolve to maintain peace wherever they are.