The Technology of love


This has been “the month of love” and they say that it’s the tiny things in life that matter. The simple hellos, thank yous and sorrys that make the difference.

But many are the times when we are caught up in doing this or that when we forget, all too often, to do these simple things. We forget to express and share our love yet expect to receive it still. Take a moment and think, how often did you send her flowers and chocolate with a note saying “I may be busy, but you still cross my thoughts, I love you”.

Technology, many will allude, is the chief cause of our inability, or should I say unavailability, to share our love. For technology has provided us with ample distractions and ways to spend our time that 24 hours usually looks like 12 or even 6. We are a generation that is on the run, trying to read this status update and respond to that email. We are in a cycle of trying to keep up with a world that throws to us more information than we can digest.

What technology takes, technology gives; bountifully.

Dash2Do having realized this problem have come up with an easy solution that promises to change the way we share those little gifts within our very busy schedules.

Many of us are used to courier services and at this point, might be wondering how Dash2Do is different, let alone revolutionary. Wait, one moment as I indulge your thoughts.

Dash2Do is especially efficient in two ways.

First is the technology. Dash2Do has a complex yet simple to use online system that allows you to register/login and make payments online. Once this is done, you then complete a straightforward form indicating what you need, your details and then, (and this is the interesting part) your bid. Rather than having predefined amounts, Dash2Do allows you to set how much you wish to pay for the gift/item(s) you need.

The second is actually the more interesting stage. Dash2Love has employed tens of attendants with plans to deploy more attendants across the country. These are the people that make the actual item purchase and delivery. So when a request is received, rather than it being served from a central point, Dash2Do sends the bid information to its attendants nearest to the delivery point. These attendants evaluate the bid, determine how much they stand to make and thereby accept or reject the bid. Once your bid is accepted it is duly serviced and your present is delivered. This decentralized solution not only provides jobs for many but also ensures that Dash2Do provides an efficient and cost effective solution.

Love Dash2Do, They will love you back!

Dash2Do, knowing that this is the “month of love”, are givi