Samsung Galaxy S 4 could come with a dotted back

Samsung Unpacked NYC

Samsung Unpacked NYC

Well, it’s now official that Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S4 on March 14th in New York, USA. The smartphone specs have flown around with abandon from speculation. Last year a time like this there was enough photos of the Galaxy S III inside prototype shells, making it only possible to predict the specs and insides of Samsung’s nest flagship device. And the pebbles were a well guarded secret. This time round it’s more secretive as there is even less that is leaked of the Galaxy S IV. You realize how early the Galaxy Note 8 came to the sun?
Samsung Mobile through their twitter account has shared an image banner that might be a hint as to what’s coming. The image that is black with spots could as well be a way to tell us that we are going to see that implemented in design of the device. Remember the river pebbles last year a time like this?

Something else, seems that Samsung might stick with numbers in the naming instead of roman numbers used previously to mark device numbers.


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