Samsung’s got a countdown to the Galaxy S4 launch at Times Square

samsung galaxy s4 timer

samsung galaxy s4 timer

Samsung is pretty clear already that they will be unveiling the next flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S 4 next week Thursday the 14th. That’s exactly 6 days as this timer suggests. Clove says they got it from a training site they got access to. This site as they say, is not open to the public, maybe it is, and they didn’t leave a link to it. What can we read into this timer?

There is the text “Episode 1” would it mean that Samsung has several devices they have planned to unveil, or is it that the Galaxy Note III will be the second episode? We have heard enough rumours that Samsung could unveil several device sizes to stretch out to all the size preferences. Something like the Galaxy S 4  and S4 mini, pure speculation but it’s quite possible. Something else we could pick from this is the device design. From the shape on the lower left, we see a screen with the form factor of the Galaxy S II.

Samsung could be coming back to that and we have since seen a smartphone case rumoured to be that of the Galaxy S 4 and it had that form factor. Samsung guards the design of their flagship design and we wont be surprised if these guesses are all wrong, or all right. What do you think? Six days is not so far away.