Sony marketing stunt: models shower in bikini to show phone water proof

sony shower xperia z

sony shower xperia z

Marketing is usually about who pulls the stunts that will convince the consumer that a company got the best product. This ranges from pulling clever to outrageously stupid marketing campaigns to have people talking or just engage and possibly purchase more as a result of either being convinced or entertained by the campaign. Sony Prague hired models to shower in temporary shower cubicles at a T-Mobile store in Prague to shower in a bid to show how waterproof the Xperia Z by Sony really is.

These semi-nude ladies make calls and use the phones amid stares by consumers and media. Whether this is successful in convincing random consumers we wouldn’t know, but according to Steven Blum, this could work in Japan where over 90% of phone users make calls while in the shower and being waterproof is a major selling factor there. Would be curious to know what impact this would have in some conservative Nairobi street.

Source: AndroidPit