New Leaked Videos Show Off Galaxy S IV’s Features


To backup the images that leaked in the Chinese forums earlier today, several videos are already making rounds online explaining the features we highlighted in the morning. Uploaded by an anonymous YouTube user who has leaked other clips before, the newly leaked clips show the Galaxy S IV in action.

From them you can notice the new unlockscreen, expected with a new version of TouchWiz. There’s also what we can’t really confirm if it is the widely rumoured Eye Scroll feature but it is something quite similar. Also given a peek is the Smart Pause feature. A day after LG announced a similar feature with its Value Pack update for the Optimus G Pro, Smart Pause will pause the video on your media player when you look away and resume playback when you gaze back on the device’s display. Coupled with Smart Stay, this should be a deal-breaker. Then there is Floating Touch Control. This is what I earlier referred to as “Air View that supports fingers instead of the S Pen”. We also get to see the stock internet browser in action with is likely to be the Eye Scroll (Smart Scroll) feature.

Check out the four clips below as you wait for the  Unpacked event to kick of in New York at 3.00 AM East African Time.

PS: These are leaks and while they may turn out to be the real thing, treat them as such. The device featured in these leaks could as well be a prototype. We’re only a few hours away, let’s wait to see if there are surprises coming our way.