Galaxy Releases 128 GB Thunder GT Pro SSD


Galaxy has released their newest SSD called the Thunder GT 128 Pro in China. Galaxy is mostly known as a manufacturer of graphics cards. Their latest SSD will have a capacity of 128 GB with a cost of USD 1 per GB.

The Thunder GT 128 Pro is a 2.5″  drive with a SATA3 interface, Toggle-NAND flash memory made by Toshiba, and a JMicron JMF667H processor. The DRAM cache is as yet unknown. The I/O speeds are at 480 MB/s and 70,000 IOPS for read, with writes at 300 MB/s and 58,000 IOPS.

The device will be available to the Chinese market at a price of USD 128 by the end of the month.

From Tom’s Hardware



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