Ubuntu 13.04 To Exclude Wubi Windows Installer


Wubi, the Windows-based installer for Ubuntu allows a user to run Ubuntu from within their existing Windows system. However, Canonical is planning to remove Wubi from Ubuntu 13.04, Raring Ringtail. According to Canonical’s Steve Langasek, this is due to increased bug reports from the application. The new Wubi version fails to detect other ISOs, it doesn’t create user accounts, and can’t work with Microsoft Windows 8. Canonical has ruled out fixing the bugs plaguing Wubi 13.04 and the new Ubuntu edition will be released without the installer.

“The Foundations team does not expect Wubi to be in a releasable state for 13.04,” says Steve Langasek, “I am therefore proposing to drop Wubi from the 13.04 release, starting immediately with the upcoming Beta. This will save our testers from spending their time testing an image that will not have developers working on fixing the bugs they find, and spares our users from using an image for 13.04 that is not up to Ubuntu’s standards of quality.”