Meet the PDair passport holder for the geek

PDair leather passport holder

In this age of mobile computing, almost everything we do is expected to occupy as little space as possible, while at the same time ensuring the essentials are catered for. The uptake of the Ultrabook  as main PC is quite enough evidence of this. The average passport holder is a long sheath that covers the boarding ticket in it’s wholeness. Well, that does it’s work, but you realize you don’t do much with the passes when away from the plane or airport.

That’s why a short and sleek passport holder will do the job quite well. PDair passport holder with it’s soft leather and slip on back works quite perfectly. You can slip the passport in and wont have to carry it bare, even at passport control, it wont need to be removed as the customs guys can scan it while still in, thereby ensuring the thing is tucked in safe.

The guys over at Lovecases will get you the PDair Leather Passport Holder in no time of ordering.