Twitter adds Kenya among 160 new locations in trends

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Twitter Trends Kenya

Twitter a few hours ago introduced 160 new Trend locations. Twitter does pledge to bring trends to more locations, and it does that oh so painfully slow. Well, finally Kenya does have their own tailored trend location after some days of teasing. There are 160 new Cities added to locations Trends and Kenya got itself two, Nairobi and Mombasa, so you can even zero in on what tweeps in your city are saying.

Kenya comes just third after South Africa and Nigeria in Kenya and had previously made news with the number of tweets that we export, including several top trending topics once in a while. Greece, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Ukraine also got themselves a seat at the table of men.


  1. That’s one small step for [a] Kenyan, one giant leap for Kenya as a nation. -Twitter a few hours ago introduced Kenya among 160 new Trend locations.

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