Aluminium body Nokia Catwalk shows up in leaked photos

nokia catwalk

nokia catwalk

Going by this leak, Nokia is trying to get lighter for the flagship device of 2013. Nokia Catwalk, as it’s code-named  is expected to be the successor of Lumia 920 in the high end. The leaked images suggest that it will be aluminium in casing complete with a different look. The all black glass front remains, but some other minor changes are visible.
To start with, the micro-USB port is right up there at the top together with the earphone jack and the micro-SIM slot. The edges are rounded unlike the sharp corners of the Lumia 920.
nokia catwalk

At the back we have some three dots indicating wireless charging and a re-positioned flash to be above the camera. The camera is different from what you are used to in Nokia Lumias, this one is protruded like they do on HTCs and Huaweis. Guess it’s to accomodate a larger camera sensor. There are some other details accompanying the rumours, and these are weight of 132g and thickness of 8.4 mm, so the objective would be clearly met. That of making Lumia lighter and thinner, while still maintaining wireless charging.

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