Forget Yahoo Answers, Meet Skunkworks Answers

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IT CrowdWell, Yahoo Answers is known for dumb questions and dumb answers. This one here is neither, just hilarious coming from a group of Kenyan techies answering what they felt was a good question asked in the wrong forum. Skunkworks is a Kenyan email forum for techies in the Kenyan IT industry and here is where they get to discuss IT ranging from basic to things your uncle wouldn’t understand. Well, minus water dispensers.

So the mover of the motion in the email list went on;

Asker: hey listers..
soo,my water dispenser has an overflow problem. I’m trying to trouble shoot it at home.I simply just dont understand its working mechanism.What prevents the water in the bottle from overflowing during normal working??any help is appreciated..
In came the flow of answers.


Ans a: Seriously Water dispenser !!! … ???? ….

Ans b: Oh, we finally come to this?

Well, I believe it has a solution. What OS does it use? And what is the error log saying? I suppose you’ve checked that in the process of troubleshooting.
Ans C: Have you tried turning it off and on?

Ans d: The error log would be a good start! LOL!

Ans e: what make/model ????

Ans f: check the firewall whether the firewall is up and what port is open! 😛

Ans g: [ w-o@skunkworks-KE ]$: man waterdispenser

bash: waterdispenser: command not found


Ans h: I had the same problem last year…check that they’re no other refill bottles attached and that your neighbour isn’t using the same power outlet.

Ans J: [wash@jaribu ~]$ apropos water dispenser
mac_lomac(4) - Low-watermark Mandatory Access Control data integrity policy
dispenser: nothing appropriate


Ans k: which led lights are on? are they flashing or still? is there a beep ? is the water tap water or distilled? is the dispense blue ,grey or white ?

Ans l: Connect serial cable to dispenser and run below script:

readsensor () (
 VAL=`owread -s 3002 $1/$2 2>&1`
 [ $ERR != 0 ] && 
 # save last value to a file as well
[ "$2" = "level" ] && echo "$VAL" > /tmp/last_val.$1.$2
 echo "$VAL"
writesensor () (
 VAL=`owwrite -s 3002 $1/$2 $3 2>&1`
 [ $ERR != 0 ] && 
VAL=`readsensor $SENSOR PIO`
[ $ERR != 0 ] && exit 1

Ans m: Most likely the issue could be related to the runtime environment. Did you install any updates recently?
Ans n: How many beeps do you hear when it is booting?
Try press F1 or the Red Button to enter setup.
Select overflow under the Water sub menu and choose overflow restricted.
Press the blue button to save settings

Ans o: i think there is a problem with the routing kindly, paste your running configs we try to debug
Ans p: Can you paste the ping and traceroute statistics after trying to troubleshoot am sure the geeks in here will aid you out.