From the Accessories: Samsung Galaxy Camera Premium Pouch

Galaxy Camera pouch

Galaxy Camera pouch

Samsung Galaxy Camera’s official accessories were showcased earlier this year at CES 2013, and they include the Wrist Wrap, Premium Pouch, Carrying case, Allshare Cast Dongle, Battery Pack and Screen Protector. Some have rolled out to most markets like the premium pouch we have here and others are still shipping.

The Wrist Wrap is available in four colours, white, Black, Pink and Orange. The Premium Pouch is available in three colours, white, black and brown Leather and it sports a detatchable shoulder strap. I got the brown one that would camouflage the white camera although the best one would have been the white one to complement it.

The shoulder strap also has the same colour as the pouch. This is quite handy an accessory as the lens has no cover and you wouldn’t wanna go around with the box it came with. See below close-up hands-on photos of the premium Pouch below here.