The Samsung Flagship: The Reigning Android Kings



As we all await the worldwide Galaxy S4 retail availability from the 25th of April, I couldn’t help myself but write about how Sammy got it right. Let me tell you why I objectively ‘love’ Samsung and here I’m hinting at their flagship.

This ship was created & begun to sail in the year 2010…when Android had now gone public, prior to this it was an ‘unknown’ OS …just like Web OS currently is. At this time the world had just realized how big this touch phone business is and all phone manufacturers wanted in.

Prior to 2010…I was a Sony Ericsson fan and in that year (2010) I was eying the then Xperia X10…. Months later came the 1st Galaxy phone (Galaxy S1) and HTC’s Desire…I had to make a choice…and a tough one it was, I had to let go of my Sony addiction & tread into Samsung waters.


3 Galaxy devices later & so far no regrets but like every healthy relationship, some disappointment. (Today we focus on the good).

If I were to put it down on a list, my reasons for renewing my vows with Samsung for the last 3yrs are:

•  Bleeding Edge tech; the hardware is on average the best every year.
•  MicroSD support, removable & larger battery.
•  Greatest sound quality in the android family… based on GSM Arena tests.
•  Always has one of the greatest Cameras in the smart phone market.
•  Great warranty cover …currently stands at 24 months. Most devices get international warranty too.
•  Constantly improving UI eco-system…Touchwiz is simple, pleasant & doesn’t stray far from Androids own look & feel.
•  Most Consistent non-nexus phone when it comes to updates (for the international variant).
•  Constantly improving the OS with value adding packs in between major OS upgrades…i.e. Premium suite for S3.
•  Dedicated Samsung Apps store with a section of dedicated apps for your phone model.
•  Unlocked boatloader…HIGHLY beneficial when flashing & developing.
•  Easy firmware flashing/rooting…it doesn’t get easier than using Odin.
•  Largest independent dev support team…the number of custom ROMs that exist for each model is astounding.

Some of the things they should fix is this plastic body situation and the unreliable KIES software…otherwise their flagship is always a premium device. The success stories of the 1st two & over 100 million sold Galaxy S3 devices clearly tell that story.

Those are my reasons…what are yours? Chat us up in the comment section below.