Samsung partners with Buni tv in content delivery, we got the Exclusive hands-on

Buni Tv Android App

Buni Tv Android App

Samsung earlier today announced the partnership with Buni Tv to deliver local content over mobile and tv. This will be via an Android app where previously Buni used to do web and mobile web. Contrary to popular belief, Buni does more than XYZ and does video series from all over the African continent. Samsung’s role is placing the app in relevant awareness channels and marketing it. The Buni TV app will be available on Samsung Apps Store according to Martin Njoroge, Samsung EEA Product Manager, HHP. Martin says that they aim to help in content delivery so to enable local content that Buni produces be delivered in an Android App.

Buni TV Android

I already have had access to the app and I so far like what there is to see. The app allows you to browse through a portfolio of videos that are separated into 7 categories, Movies where you can watch recently produced movie trailers from Africa and around the world, Music Videos from African musicians, Documentaries, TV Shows, Animations, Short Films and Web Series.

With this you are able to create a playlist that you will then proceed to watch uninterrupted, naturally provided you have an internet access. So far there is a size-able collection of movie trailers and Music Videos. However other categories need some work to fill in something worth a mention. Users are able to rate the videos, comment and share using the various Android options.