Touch and Qwerty Blackberry Q5 announced for emerging markets

Blackberry Q5

Blackberry Q5

Blackberry is today holding Blackberry Live Conference where the CEO Thorsten Heins announced the second qwerty Blackberry 10 device. But this is not going to everyone. Blackberry announced that the Q5 is headed to selected markets in July, these being Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. If you look keenly, this is where the emerging markets are mainly.

The Blackberry Q5 is a 3.1 inch touch-screen qwerty Blackberry featuring Blackberry 10. Blackberry calls it a youthful and fun blackberry, they always are when they are down the price point, aren’t they?

The Blackberry Q5 does have some interesting features like Blackberry Time Shift mode and Story maker which promise the movie maker experience with photos, videos and music. BBM Video with Screen share allows you to move from BBM chat to MMB video conversation, and at the same time share media.

Interestingly Blackberry havent listed the price for the Q5, but basically the device is telling people down the food chain that Blackberry got you covered.

In other related news, Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 Version 10.1 is available for download as from today. See below what’s new from the presser:

Regulated-level EMM. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1 provides customers with an optional set of extended IT policy settings and controls that restricts the use of a BlackBerry 10 smartphone for work only (does not allow personal apps and content).

·         Simplified deployment for a lower total cost of ownership. Following a simple installation process, customers will be able to use BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1 to manage BlackBerry 10 smartphones, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets, iOS and Android devices, as well as earlier model BlackBerry smartphones.  Upgrading to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1 is simple and intuitive, and existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 customers can quickly upgrade to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1 with no firewall changes.

·         Dashboard & reporting. New dashboard capabilities provide an “at-a-glance” graphical view of information and statistics associated with the customer’s complete fleet of devices, providing administrators with immediate access to the information they need. The dashboard displays a high level overview of information such as a device deployment summary by platform and carrier, device compliance state, application deployments, and more.

·         High Availability. All components of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 can now be deployed in a highly available active/passive configuration, similar to the high availability support offered by BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0. It offers simple, easy to configure threshold settings and improved failover performance.

·         BlackBerry Support is now included as standard. Care** now comes as standard with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 deployments***, providing 12×5 telephone access to BlackBerry  experts, responsive online support, access to training, productivity and diagnostic tools. Extended technical support offerings are available.


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