Blue Arctic Galaxy S4 Gets Outed


Remember this?

arctic blue s4

It is real!

We have known for a while now that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will be available in a third colour option i.e. Blue Arctic. It came as no surprise when news trickled in this morning that indeed the Black Mist and White Frost Galaxy S4’s will be joined by another sibling, the Blue Arctic S4.

Japanese carrier DoCoMo released the new Galaxy S4 variant for the Japanese market and there’s no word yet on whether it will be available outside the Asian nation in other markets like the North American market, the European market or whether we’ll see the international version of the S4 also get a blue coloured brother.

The specs of the Blue Arctic Galaxy S4 are exactly as detailed in the leaks earlier on. READ: Arctic Blue Galaxy S4 On The Way

There’s a quick hands on video of the Blue Arctic S4 side by side with its Black Mist sibling. Sorry there’s no Google Translate for videos so you’ll have to put up with the Japanese language in the video below




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