Olo Cloud Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Olo Cloud Case

I was quite eager to get my Galaxy S4 a case as soon as it arrived in my hands that as soon as cases were available online I made my request from Mobile Fun. The one I found to strike a balance between fit, sleekness and care for my device was the Olo Cloud case by Casemate. I chose the black one since I had a preference for the Black Mist Galaxy S 4 over the frosty white.

Not that the white one is any bad, but I have enough white devices, and a change is as good as a rest. Now this Cloud case looks good, as you can see from the pictures, everything fits and the buttons on the side work quite well. Two things I like about it are the matte look and the sleekness of the device.

The Galaxy S 4 is already light and thin, this doesn’t take that away as many devices do, the only thing it does is hide the nice Black mist look of the Galaxy S 4, but we can live with that. The case is meant to protect that. Another thing you notice is that the case wont be a grease hub, the matte feel takes care of that.

In my opinion, this is what you would expect to have been made as an extra, easily looks like an extension of the phone. Of-course you are not limited to this as the guys at Mobile Fun have an enough assortment of Galaxy S4 cases for one to choose from. See below a gallery of images I took of the Galaxy S 4 with the case fitted.